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Pathways to Wholeness

Connect with your Soul

Meet Barbara LaFever

Archetypal Astrology & Integrative Energetic Healing

All of my life I have been curious about questions
such as what makes us human, what drives our
choices, how do we connect with our soul? Looking
for answers led me first to be a teacher, then later 
a licensed psychologist working with children,
adolescents and their parents.


In 2013 I completed a two-year certification program
in integrative energetic healing with the White Winds
Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, and began a private


In 2015 I finished a two-year interspiritual seminary
program with the One Spirit Learning Alliance in NYC
and became a licensed minister.

For the past three years, I have been studying
archetypal astrology with Jessica Di Ruzza of Sarasota, Florida.


The passion that informs my life is grounded in a love
of people and a deep desire to help others connect

with their own inner guidance, express their unique
gifts, and find their way to healing and a greater
sense of wholeness.

Meet Barbara
Why Integrative Energy Healing?

Why Integrative Energy Healing?

what does it help? 

Physical Healing

Alleviate pain and discomfort
Accelerate healing from falls,     accidents, or surgery.

Soul Healing

It allows for a re-connection to wholeness on a soul level. This brings about deep awareness and understanding of the physical body and its emotional/spiritual connection.

Emotional Healing

Integrative Energy Healing is a gentle non-invasive approach to healing. 

Strengthen the immune system

It helps to strengthen the immune system and build resistance to disease. Promotes emotional and spiritual healing. Increases overall sense of well-being.

Improves the quality of sleep as well as promotes recuperation from fatigue.

Anxiety and Trauma

It facilitates a path to wellness of your body, mind and spirit. Assists in relieving stress, anxiety and trauma.


What is Archetypal Astrology?

My approach to Archetypal Astrology is based on the

understanding that the birth chart is a sacred

blueprint, a connection to the soul’s purpose.

An Astrological counseling session focuses on

the chart as a way to shine a light on the soul’s

 intent for our inner development as

reflected in the relationships among the planets

at the moment of birth. Through their

movement across the sky, the planetary

relationships, or transits, continue to reflect the

challenges and rewards of living that shape us

throughout our lives.

Awareness of these patterns can support the
development of our gifts, inspire our creativity,

promote self-healing, and influence how we

face challenges. Through the lens of Archetypal

Astrology, we can find ways to make choices

that lead to a greater sense of freedom

and wholeness.


"Barbara is a talented and caring person who has a deep knowledge of astrology. She explained
a very complex chart to me in clear, understandable language. It is awe-inspiring to know that
the energy of the sun, the moon, and the planets have been supporting (my growth) since I was
born. Barbara has the insight and ability to read the chart in a way that is of help to her clients."




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