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Pathways to Wholeness




My approach to Archetypal Astrology


As a practicing astrologer who is currently going

through her own Uranus return and who is now

in her 8th decade of life, I bring a unique

perspective to your astrology reading.
Having experienced many of the ups and downs

of life both personally and professionally, one of

my strongest gifts is to be able to sit with a client

and help them hold both the light and the dark of

whatever experiences are coming into their lives

and offer support while a new perspective,

attitude, or connection is being born.


I use my knowledge of the archetypal energies

in your birth chart and the current planetary

relationships to your chart as a background and

framework to guide us in our conversation.
My style is relational and supportive. I work from

the Yin perspective which is receptive and

adaptive and allows for holding a multitude of

perspectives as I help you to find a new center

or balance among the energies and experiences,

the pushes, and the pulls, that are coming

into your life.

Archetypal Astrology Readings

Natal Chart and Current Transits:


Your first session with me will include a discussion

of the archetypal energy patterns as reflected in the

planetary placements in your birth chart and their

relationship to the development of your early personality
and behavioral characteristics.

A primary focus will be on the gifts and challenges that

these energies bring to your life. 
The second part of the session will focus on the current

planetary placements (transits) and their relationship

to the patterns in your birth chart.

We will explore how these patterns are showing up

in your life and how you can best work with these

energies for your own growth and development.

Follow up sessions focus on current issues in your life and

their relationship to the influence of the present

placement of the planets as they affect your birth chart.

We will look at the archetypal energy patterns these

transits are bringing to your awareness and how that is

connected with your life’s purpose.

The primary emphasis is on finding positive ways to work

with these energies so that they enhance your ability to

make choices that increase your sense of wholeness.


All of my astrology readings/consultations are done online using the
Zoom platform for video and audio conferencing.
After your appointment time is established, I will send you a
Zoom link that you will use to connect you to
the virtual space where we meet for our session.


I record each session and within 24 hours will
send you a copy for your own use.


To schedule an astrology reading please call me at 540-333-2540
email me at

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