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Spiritual counseling sessions offer individual support using a holistic and spiritual approach. The purpose is to help clients understand and work with themes and patterns that are coming up in their lives using interpersonal dialogue, visualization, and short meditation techniques.

Energetic healing approaches and/or archetypal astrology readings can be included if the client so chooses. The focus is on assisting you to access your own source of inner wisdom and strength and use that to guide you in your daily life.


We will set the agenda and the schedule together. The relationship is honest and straightforward. I will be using deep listening and a variety of techniques to move you forward. We will evaluate progress every four sessions. You are responsible for letting me know between sessions if you have concerns about the process so that we can take steps to adjust the work.


I do not offer in-depth psychotherapy. If at any point I believe you need to see a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist, or other specialist I will share this with you. Everything we discuss is strictly confidential.


Sessions are scheduled on Zoom and I will send you a link the day before each appointment so that you can access the connection on your computer. If you wish, I will record the sessions and send copies to you within 24 hours.


The fee is $120 per hour and each session is 60 minutes.

Packages of 4 sessions are available for $425.

Packages of 6 sessions can be purchased for $600.

Sessions must be scheduled and used within 6 months of purchase.

For intake forms and appointment times contact me at or 540-333-2540.


Location & Contact Details

Tel: 540-333-2540



Spiritual Counseling Session

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